What is Stable Diffusion

🤖 AI Video Summary: Stable Diffusion is a series of diffusion models by Stability AI that generate art or modify images from textual prompts, accessible through various platforms and front-end interfaces without requiring coding.

Stable Diffusion was the name of the open source model that Stability AI released in August, 2022. Since the initial release, newer models include Stable Diffusion 2.0, 2.1, Stable Diffusion XL, Stable Diffusion XL Turbo, Stable Cascade, and Stable Diffusion 3.

We compared all of these in this blog post. Here’s the accompanying video as well.

The model is responsible for producing images.

Applications such as Automatic1111, WebUI Forge, Fooocus, ComfyUI, etc. are just the applications string together all the code to produce images from the model. You can share one model across many different applications.

Most diffusion models that we cover in this course were made available by Stability AI. The public name that Stability AI assigned to their diffusion model was called Stable Diffusion.

There are other diffusion models available including Playground, PixArt, and more. Filter by HuggingFace text2image to see other freely available models.

Online services like Midjourey, Leondardo, DALLE-3, all use much of the same/similar underlying technology – diffusion models.

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