Different Applications for Generating Images with a Stable Diffusion Model

🤖 AI Video Summary: There are several popular applications for interacting with stable diffusion models, including Automatic 11.11’s Web UI, Web UI Forge, Comfy UI, and Focus, each suited for different levels of user expertise and specific functionalities like image generation, in-painting, and video production.

There are a few different applications you can use to generate images using a stable diffusion model including Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI, Fooocus, WebUI Forge, ComfyUI, and others.

These are only interfaces and still require you to download a diffusion model to make them work. Think of them as different ways to ‘turn the dials’ of the diffusion model to get results.

Broadly speaking, here’s the best use case for each of the applications:

  • Automatic1111 WebUI / Forge – Single image generation, image to image tasks, and inpainting
  • Fooocus – As a Midjourney alternative
  • ComfyUI – Single image generation, image to image tasks, and short form videos

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