Why I Started Prompting Pixels

First of all, welcome! I hope you are enjoying everything I have put together here on Prompting Pixels.

I created Prompting Pixels in late 2023 as an addendum to my YouTube channel, where I share tutorials and such on how to use diffusion models with many different applications, including Automatic1111 WebUI, ComfyUI, and others.

Seeing the potential these models have, I knew there would be other folks just like me, looking to learn about the nuances this new technology offers and a place where I could share guides, insights, and more.

Am I Qualified?

The Goal

Overall, I just want to create content that sparks an “aha” moment for the readers. Whether it’s ways they can use diffusion models to express their creative spirit or to become more productive.

The goal here is to both inspire and educate the next generation of image creators.

Thank You